“We preach Christ crucified”
1 Corinthians 1:23

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“The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” 2 Corinthians 13:14

Greetings in Christ and welcome to our website!

This is the story behind our website.  When my wife and I became Christians five decades ago, we dedicated our lives to doing our “Utmost for His Highest.”  We tried to live the Christian life and do Christ’s work by the very best of our ability.  We were actively involved in both traditional churches and house churches and I served in a variety of ministries including shepherding, teaching, evangelism and editor of a Christian magazine.

But God wanted to reveal much more of Himself to us and led us into a difficult, three decades-long “desert wilderness” experience designed to purify our faith.  During this prolonged period of testing, we encountered a baptism of fiery ordeals, satanic attacks and major crises adversely affecting our health, family, finances, work, and church life.  After twenty years, our lives came to a critical crossroads when I was asked to serve as dean of a Bible school.  It was then that we honestly admitted to ourselves that our spiritual lives were still lacking something essential, but we did not know what it was.  We did not feel we were inwardly experiencing God’s true transforming power, which we knew was possible and had expected when we were saved.  We knew something vital was missing in our Christian experience and asked God to do whatever was necessary to bring us into a closer and more dynamic walk with Him.  We declined the invitation from the Bible school and decided to give up all ministry from that day on until the Lord brought us into His life and power.  During this time (since when I graduated from college and we were married), I also had a secular career job (and sometimes worked a second job) to provide for our family and enable us to preach the gospel without charge.

God lovingly answered our prayer to really know Him by intensifying our furnace of affliction.  Another series of severe trials then pressed us far beyond our natural ability to endure, until we reached a crisis of faith that only He could possibly bring us through.  It took twelve more years for this fiery crucible to accomplish His divine purpose and bring us to the absolute end of ourselves.  During this time, however, we became so distressed and disheartened from three decades of adversity and suffering (with no end in sight) that we fell away (“ran away” might be a better term) from the Lord in despair and confusion.  Like the apostle Peter, we were sifted like wheat and wept bitterly at our unfaithfulness.  Our precious Lord Jesus then mercifully and miraculously called us back to Himself in brokenness, repentance and faith.

God’s appointed time in His school of the wilderness had finally broken us of our self-confidence, false sense of moral virtue, and reliance on our natural ability.  It was at this point that Jesus Christ revealed to us that, not only had He died for us, He had included us in His death so that He might sovereignly live through us.  The Lord had shown us how to cross the Jordan into the Promised Land of our full spiritual inheritance in Him.  It was out of this difficult travail and divine revelation that this website was birthed and, seven years later, our book, The Meaning of the Cross, was published.

Our hope and prayer is that the cross of Christ would become your door to eternal union and intimate friendship with God – so that you might be Christ’s beloved bride, which is your holy calling.  Although time constrains us from responding to every inquiry, we may be able to answer your questions whenever we update our Questions and Answers section.  You can email us at [email protected].

In Christ’s love,
Peter Newman

Postscript: It has been nearly fifteen years since God showed us the way to overcome sin is to believe and act on the Biblical truth that God removed our sinful nature when we were born again, so that Christ might sovereignly live in us. We can testify to the truth that this is not just theoretical theology. We have put this truth into practice and God’s solution really works! His truth of the cross has set us free from practicing the sins that entangled us in the past so that we could serve God in the Spirit by the preaching of the gospel of His Son.

My Salvation Testimony