“We preach Christ crucified”
1 Corinthians 1:23

The Ark of the Lord

(This vision was received in 2009)

A great and barren desert stretched before me, as far as the eye could see.  There were no plants or animals of any kind.  The sand on which I stood was hard and flat, like concrete – it was a desolate wasteland.  In the distance were low, rounded hills that had nothing growing on them.  The entire landscape was lifeless.

  As I stood before this scene, I saw a beautiful, gold, ornate box in front of me.  I immediately recognized it was the Ark of the Lord.  Its dimensions and gold overlay also made this evident to me.  But I was puzzled because there were no winged cherubim or carrying poles on the Ark.  The Ark sat on the ground.  I thought to myself that the Ark looked very small, alone and strangely out of place in these surroundings.  There was not a sound anywhere.

  As I was looking at the Ark of the Lord, the earth began to tremble, as if some gigantic animal was approaching from far away.  I looked toward my right, at the horizon.  I could see nothing.  But the tremors in the desert continued to grow stronger and louder, and it was obvious that something enormous was walking toward me.  I stood still and watched.

   All of a sudden, a huge beast appeared in the distance.  I knew immediately who he was – the enemy of the saints.  He was about twenty-five feet tall.  He was red all over and I noticed that he had very thick legs, huge muscles, a monstrous scowling face, large sharp teeth, and horns all over the top of his head.  As he walked straight toward the Ark, the earth trembled under his feet.

  When he approached the Ark, he picked it up with his giant claw-like hands.  He seemed to think there was something inside the Ark that he wanted to destroy.  His rage and violence were terrible.  He roared in fury and was delighted that the Ark was finally in his possession.  He began to try to destroy the Ark and everything in it.  He wanted to devour it.

  He picked up the Ark again with his two hands.  With an earth-shaking scream, he threw it to the ground.  He was surprised that he was not able to crush it.  He screeched again, picked up the Ark, and threw it repeatedly to the ground.  He was infuriated that the Ark could not be demolished or broken apart by the force of his violence and hatred and that he could not reach what was inside.

  Then a voice said to me quietly, “Look inside the Ark.”  Immediately, I was able to see what was inside of it.  Hidden in this beautiful, golden Ark were the saints of the Lord.  Every time the enemy threw the Ark to the ground, the saints inside the Ark were not spiritually harmed in any way.  In fact, the opposite was true.  In the Ark was a small glorious army with banners!  They were silently marching and each one held a large, colorful, unfurled flag up high on a pole.  I looked at their faces; they were all jubilantly smiling and radiant with the Lord’s glory.  “These are the saints of the Lord,” I thought, “And what a joyful, triumphant army they are!”  Nothing could overcome them.

  The Ark was their hiding place.  They were safe inside the Ark.  The beast could not penetrate the Ark or touch them.  It was an Ark of refuge, victory and peace in the middle of great spiritual darkness and evil on the earth.      It was the Ark of His Presence.

   So much can be said about this vision.  I will not interpret it at this time.  Those for whom it is meant will understand its meaning without an explanation.  This vision is an instruction.  This vision is a warning of things to come.  Take heed and find refuge in the Ark of the Lord.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and they did not love their lives even when faced with death.”  Revelation 12:11