“We preach Christ crucified”
1 Corinthians 1:23

Have Mercy On Me

From Psalm 51:1-4, 6-8, 15, 17
© 2007 Samuel House Ministries 

Once, when I was a brand new Christian, I was led by the Holy Spirit to read this psalm out loud to God.  I didn’t understand it then but it was a prophetic act, because thirty years later, I too, like David, had turned away from the Lord in my heart and “done evil in God’s sight.”  But oh!  The mercy of God!  When I came back to Him, He wrapped His wonderful arms around me and completely forgave me!  So, you see, I know this song intimately.

Have Mercy On Me

Have mercy on me, oh my God
According to Thy lovingkindness
According unto the multitude
Of Thy tender mercies

Oh blot out all my transgressions
And thoroughly wash me from my sin
For I acknowledge my transgressions
They are always before me

Against Thee and Thee only
Have I sinned in Thy sight
For Thou art justified when Thou speakest
And blameless when you judge

Purge me with hyssop
And I shall be clean
Wash me and I shall be
Whiter than snow

Oh make me to hear joy and gladness
And let my broken bones rejoice
For Thou desirest truth within me
And wisdom in my soul

Oh Lord, open Thou my lips
That I may show forth Thy praise
The sacrifices of the Lord
Are a broken, contrite heart