“We preach Christ crucified”
1 Corinthians 1:23

Even Though The Fig Tree Does Not Blossom

Based on Habakkuk 3:17-19
© 2008 Samuel House Ministries 

When I read this in the Old Testament, I could deeply relate to the prophet Habakkuk’s anguish of heart and disappointment.  I put these words to music during a time of great heartache and sorrow, when it looked like our whole lives had been of waste of time, for it surely appeared that our “fig trees” were not blossoming, our “vines” were producing no fruit, our “olive trees” were barren, our “fields” produced no food, and our “lambs and ewes” had definitely gone astray.  Then came this marvelous, “tone of victory” word: “Yet will I exult in the Lord and yet will I rejoice in God my Savior!”  Then once again, I was seated in “heavenly places with Christ Jesus” and looking at the situation through His eyes, not mine.

Even Though The Fig Tree Does Not Blossom

Even though the fig tree does not blossom
And there is no fruit upon the vines
And though the olive tree is barren
Yet will I exult in the Lord

Even though the fields produce no food to feed us
Even if the lambs and ewes have gone astray
Yet will I rejoice in God my Savior
For He alone is my strength

He makes me to walk
With the feet of a deer
On places too high for me

Because He dwells in me
I never will fear
For He is all I need